As a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation whose members represent the heritage and development of America, Salem's Hawthorne Hotel feels that it is important to give its guests the opportunity to visit more of the history that is available nearby.  With so many wonderful places of historical interest close enough to Salem to be seen during the course of a day-trip, this blog provides guests of the Hawthorne with a virtual guide of places to explore, things to see, and lots to do that guests may not have even known were there.

As a bit of whimsy and fun, a young Nathaniel Hawthorne has "tagged along" on these travels as he too explores parts of New England that he may or may not have seen - or wanted to see - during his time on earth from July 4, 1804 to May 19, 1864. After all, even a great writer needs to go on holiday every once in awhile to renew the creative juices and stir up more ideas or at least get in on the picture!

We hope that you find "Travels With Nathaniel" to be a useful tool in planning a few historic travels of your own!

About the Writer:

The person behind "Travels with Nathaniel" is our very own distracted wanderer, Linda Orlomoski. Linda writes the travel blog 'The Distracted Wanderer' and we decided that she would be the perfect person to accompany Nathaniel as he shows off his beloved New England. Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this site have been taken by Linda, with the help of her much loved Nikon.

It would be remiss not to mention that Kristie Poehler and Juli Lederhaus, of the Hawthorne Hotel, also play a big part in making this site available for everyone's enjoyment.

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